About Us

During the last 80 years of electrical services, the enrolled membership has not benefited from any of the technical and or good wage jobs that go along with providing electricity. Yakama Power’s initial startup, however modest is a direct result of it’s commitment of employing as many tribal members as is currently possible. The problem is in the fact that these technical and highly specialized fields require years of training. This is going to slow the utilities growth until those qualified people return from their training. In the long run, we are looking to provide the entire reservation with electrical service.

On March 24, 2006, Yakama Power took it’s first prospective customer, Legends Casino. In the final six months of FY ‘06 Yakama Power delivered 16 million kilowatts of electricity. Enough to power 700 homes for one year. Our average usage is approx. 4 megawatts, making us the 7th largest out of eight Tribal Utilities in the United States.

Yakama Power is providing training opportunities, and providing resources to assist potential journeyman lineman. Our goal is to qualify eight individuals, so that they can become certified lineman, to work on our lines as we grow. Our growth and expansion is times with the qualification of our workforce. During August 2007, we finished getting the land leveled for our substation site.