“Reliable Electric Power for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Customers.”

Yakama Power’s mission is to provide affordable and reliable electric energy that will enhance the quality of life for its consumers and provide a stable, safe and competitive work environment for its employees. This mission will be accomplished by having devoted employees and by the use of sound management, operating, engineering and financial practices.

Our commitment and enduring philosophy is to provide a full range of utility services in a professional manner that reflects the rich culture of the Yakama Nation. We recognize that a life giving world must include fresh air, bright light, clean water and fertile earth. Our company will apply these sustainable laws and the time honored virtue of respect for all people to our development. Consistent with tribal philosophy we take only what we need from the natural resources to generate our electricity. This mitigates long-term risks for us and our customers. We can choose wind, water, sun, bio-mass or geo-thermal to obtain our electricity. We are dependent only on nature and not other energy providers.